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Little Lambs students
Update of Little Lambs Christian Educare

[May 2021]

Nobody knew exactly what effects and consequences to expect the covid-19 situation to have on all EDC Centres. Now we know – and are relieved to report the ‘great wave of the Covid-19 contagion’ did not happen and so, many parents are once again entrusting their children to our care. However, due to Covid-19, the number of children registered has fallen from 300 to 260 children.

This term we hope to sponsor the training of two teachers.

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Little lambs back to school
Hooray! The new school year has started

[Feb 2021]

We are very relieved to report that the number of Covid-19 cases in Cape Town are decreasing and that schools, as well as the last Day care centres, are finally permitted to reopen. 

Little Lambs has, to date, 250 children returned. During their weekly school days, they enjoy two healthy meals with fruits and vegetables which is vital for their growth and well-being. 

The planning for the new Afterschool Care Centre is progressing – but slowly. Once again, great patience is necessary.

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Little Lambs boy happy
Report of Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt

[Dec 2020]

For a long time, we did not have the necessary funds to even start planning a new afterschool care center. Then, out of the blue and thanks to the efforts of Marlis Schaper, we received a significant donation from which the fees for an architect could be paid. Initial contacts have been made with Public Works and various permits have already been applied for. It will be exciting and we are full of confidence that our Little Lambs children will soon be cared for in the afternoons at our own Afterschool Care Centre.

Reopening of ECD centers

[October 2020]

The much anticipated Spring in South Africa is finally here! We can hardly believe our good fortune because the dams around Cape Town are 98% full overall and, at the same time, South Africa is now on level 1 of Covid 19 lockdown. Hooray!!

On the first day after lockdown was lifted, more than half of the 300 children at Little Lambs in Hout Bay returned. 

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Release to Level 2

[August 2020]

All of South Africa eagerly awaited the address by the President, Cyril Ramaphosa.  Then finally came the ‘release’ from ‘lockdown’ Level 3 to Level 2.  A huge sigh of relief went through the country!  

The economy can start to be stimulated again:  the opening times of the restaurants are extended; domestic tourism is revived; fitness centres can re-open…

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Mandela's birthday during Covid-19

[July 2020]

On the 18th July 2020, South Africa celebrated Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Usually this is a joyful and happy event which South Africans always celebrate with great fervour. This event unites the population; moves people closer together and, for 66 minutes, dedicate themselves to the well-being of their fellow South Africans or the environment.

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Still Covid-19 restrictions

[June 2020]

Covid-19 has us still under control! Some easing of restrictions was introduced from 1st June. 

In the townships, many people work without a fixed contract / income; they exist hand-to-mouth. These people have had no income since 27 March 2020 (the first day of the lockdown).

This is where we help.

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news Little Lambs building
57 days of lockdown

[22 May 2020]

Even after 57 days of lockdown, only a few easing measures are anticipated. The serious financial consequences for the economy are being discussed in the news while more and more children and poor people suffer from malnutrition and other signs of deficiency. In these extra-ordinary and difficult times, we see ourselves forced to not only support the 6 projects of the Kinderhilfe Kapstadt but also to consider requests from 3 other organisations to help relieve their pressing financial distress.

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thank you donations
Food donation to Imizamo Yethu

[April 2020]

What an amazing response to our donation campaign! It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank you for your most generous contributions – which enabled us to plan and distribute the food parcels efficiently and timeously.

The 300 food parcels of 18 kg each were packed by YeboFresh and transported to Little Lambs by HomeHeroes – both well-known local Hout Bay companies.

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Covid 19 mask
Covid 19 Support

[March 2020]

On 18 March 2020, all schools and ECD centres were closed.  One week later a complete 21 day ‘lockdown’ was enforced.  This means that all citizens must stay at home.  These stringent measures are aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.  At this time, the terrible inequality which exits in our society is brought to strong light!

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Little Lambs ECD centre Hout Bay

For those of you who can and want to help, we will be truly grateful for your assistance!

Our banking details:

The SEEDS Trust

Standard Bank, Constantia

Account No.:  076021459

Branch Code:  025309

Swift:  SBZA-ZA-JJ

Reference:  Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt

graduation at Little Lambs

[Dec 2019] 

Graduation for 45 Little Lambs children

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Zip Zap circus
Zip Zap Circus

[August 2019] 

It is a requirement of the Department of Education that Kindergarten children make outings annually; something we also find valuable for their introduction to and knowledge of what is ‘on their doorstep’. Their previous outing was an excursion to Hout Bay Beach, this latest one was to the Zip Zap Circus School in town.

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Nelson Mandela Day at Little Lambs
Mandela Day

[July 2019] 

Nelson Mandela spent 67 years of his life working for justice;  27 of those years were spent in 3 prisons viz. Robbin Island, Pollsmore and Victor Venster. To commemorate his life, all those living in South Africa are asked to give 67 minutes of their time (as a starting point) to a ‘good cause’ every 18th of July – ‘Mandela Day’.

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excursion hout bay beach
Excursion to the beach

[April 2019]

On April 10th the children of Little Lambs Educare were taken on an excursion to enjoy the beautiful Hout Bay beach. Although most of these children live nearby in the township of Imizamo Yethu, not many parents have ever taken their children to the beach.

Shortly after breakfast, 70 Grade R children were transported by bus from the Day Care to the Museum in Hout Bay

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Key Highlights
  • Little Lambs was fully subscribed in 2018 and 2019; 
  • The teaching team and staff remain very committed and there have been no significant staff changes; 
  • There were no unplanned disruptions to school operations;
  • We invested in a set of water tanks and a water collection system in response to the major water crisis experienced in the summer of 2018;
  • The entire building has been repainted, both inside and outside;
  • Building activities by the Department of Education on our boundary have caused major disruptions and introduced significant security issues which are challenging to the smooth running of Little Lambs.

Goals 2019
  • We plan to replace the canvas blinds that enclose our general meeting area with proper windows at a cost of approximately R75,000;
  • Additional painting work at a cost of approximately R20,000;
  • An Alarm Monitoring System at a cost of approximately R50,000;
  • We plan to replace the windows in the classrooms, which are badly rusted and do not open, at a cost of approximately R125,000; 
  • We plan to install blinds in the classrooms to replace all curtains that are old and worn out, at a cost of approximately R40,000; 
  • Due to serious ongoing security concerns we plan to erect a fence and install a perimeter security system at a cost of approximately R250,000.


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Financial Report 2019 (Jan – Jun)

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