Mandela day

Nelson Mandela spent 67 years of his life working for justice;  27 of those years were spent in 3 prisons viz. Robbin Island, Pollsmore and Victor Venster. To commemorate his life, all those living in South Africa are asked to give 67 minutes  of their time (as a starting point) to a ‘good cause’ every 18th of July – ‘Mandela Day’.

And so, this July 18th was the first experience of this ‘giving’ for the 5-6 year olds of ‘Little Lambs’ who enthusiastically entered into the task of preparing sandwiches to donate to the less fortunate children of Imizamo Yethu township.  

Little Lambs Mandela day
Little Lambs Mandela Day

To start, it was awkward for these little ones to handle ‘knives’ for spreading – since they normally eat only with spoons; but they made big efforts and in the end we had a pile of sandwiches to gift to the children from Silikamva High School – who were suitably appreciative and impressed by the efforts of the smaller children.  


Key Highlights
  • Little Lambs was fully subscribed in 2018 and 2019; 
  • The teaching team and staff remain very committed and there have been no significant staff changes; 
  • There were no unplanned disruptions to school operations;
  • We invested in a set of water tanks and a water collection system in response to the major water crisis experienced in the summer of 2018;
  • The entire building has been repainted, both inside and outside;
  • Building activities by the Department of Education on our boundary have caused major disruptions and introduced significant security issues which are challenging to the smooth running of Little Lambs.

Goals 2019
  • We plan to replace the canvas blinds that enclose our general meeting area with proper windows at a cost of approximately R75,000;
  • Additional painting work at a cost of approximately R20,000;
  • An Alarm Monitoring System at a cost of approximately R50,000;
  • We plan to replace the windows in the classrooms, which are badly rusted and do not open, at a cost of approximately R125,000; 
  • We plan to install blinds in the classrooms to replace all curtains that are old and worn out, at a cost of approximately R40,000; 
  • Due to serious ongoing security concerns we plan to erect a fence and install a perimeter security system at a cost of approximately R250,000.


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Please click here for the 

Financial Report 2019 (Jan – Jun)

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On Wednesday, April 10th the children of Little Lambs Educare were taken on an excursion to enjoy the beautiful Hout Bay beach. Although most of these children live nearby in the township of Imizamo Yethu, not many parents have ever taken their children to the beach.

Shortly after breakfast, 70 Grade R children were transported by bus from the Day Care to the Museum in Hout Bay. Teacher Claudia was expecting them and had displayed mussels and other shells, pebbles and sea sand, seaweeds, starfish and pictures of various fish on a big table. 

She then told interesting stories about these different sea dwellers; also about boats and fishing, high and low tides, and the wonderful Cape Town beaches. Claudia also explained to the children how the sea is being polluted and urged them to recycle cool drink containers whenever possible.

After enjoying a small snack, the children were driven by bus to the beach. They were so excited to scramble around and to explore the rocks. When the first child discovered a shell and proudly held it high, the others then competed to find the biggest and the most beautiful shells. 

Some children even dared to enter the water – which caused a lot of laughter from their friends when they hopped from one leg to the other because the Atlantic water was so icy cold.

It was a fun-filled morning – with fine weather and warm temperatures. At the end of the outing, the children were bussed back to Little Lambs where they then ate a nutritious meal before happy exhaustion had them succumbing to a much needed sleep on their mattresses.

Bus from Imizamo Yethu

The next day, as part of their school work, the children were asked to paint pictures of some of the new things they had seen and experienced.

A big thank you to all the teachers and volunteers who participated in caring for the children during this wonderful outing.

Grade R children

Our Grade R children

At the Hout Bay beach

Hout Bay beach

beach fun

Beach fun